Including Charity In Every Budget

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If you are facing your own budget crunch during these difficult economic times, it may be difficult to include giving to charity as a budget priority. Use the tips below to continue your charitable goals, even if you are facing financial challenges.

Do not forfeit the benefits that you can accrue from your charitable donations. Whether you volunteer or donate goods, giving money to worthy charities can be good for your emotions while you work on your personal financial situation.

Consider your personal financial crunch as an opportunity to give something besides money to an organization. Volunteering for a worthy charity will give you direct hands-on experience with working with others who are facing challenges.

Instead of a garage sale, consider donating older items. Many garage sales take up a lot of time and energy and produce very low yields. Unless you enjoy the activity, a garage sale is usually not a significant way to accumulate money. Consider donating your items to charity instead.

Learn to prioritize your spending by researching which charities are worthy to give to. Just as in your own personal finances where everything can seem like a reasonable expense, many charities appear to be worthy causes. You should also practice choosing which charities you give to as an exercise in prioritizing your own expenses. Learning to say, “No,” to something you want whether it’s for yourself or giving to every charity that makes a request of you, can be a significant tool for you to use in managing your personal finances.

Learn to organize your time by leaving room for charitable activities. If you commit to participating as a volunteer for a charity make sure you live up to your commitment of time. Personal finance advice often includes practicing self-discipline. Sticking to your time commitments to charitable organization can be a great way to practice self-discipline.

Consider purchasing used items and clothing from charitable organizations as part of your giving. Purchasing used items from specific organizations contributes to their charitable activities and can be a great way to stretch a dollar in your own budget. Purchasing used items will also promote your goals of living greener by reusing items.

Clean your kitchen cabinets and remove canned items that have been there for more than two months and are not expired. Donate them to a food bank or food drive.

Do not be shamed into giving to a cause you aren’t prepared to give to. Whether it’s the public request for money at an organization or the request for a dollar at the grocery checkout, do not feel pressured to give to charities that accost you in public places. Charities are experts at marketing, and these kinds of requests are similar to impulse buys that you make in your own budget. Learning to avoid impulse buying can be a great tool for learning to manage your budget.

Charitable giving is an important part of personal finance even in tough times. Consider the tips above for maintaining charitable giving as part of your personal finance plan.

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