Ways To Tip The Doormen During The Holiday Season

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One reason to tip your doormen during the holiday season is to make sure he will be motivated enough in the year to come and he will continue to do the same great job. Others think about this gesture as completely unnecessary and simply refuse to do it.

This debate has existed for many years and doubtlessly will continue for as long as there are doormen. There are pros and cons to both positions to be considered.

First of all, those who are sustaining the tipping process during holidays motivate their choice through the fact that this way doormen will look at that money as payment for the year to come. They believe those are money for future services, and not present ones.

This way, they are sure their doormen will do an even better job the following year. The exact amount of the tip depends on a lot of factors, such as the location and type of the building, the quality of the doormen’s services, the number of doormen employed in that building and others such.

If you are a new tenant, inquire about the average tips in your new building by asking your neighbors how much they usually tip doormen. There are of course building with more elaborate tipping mechanisms, explained by management.

There are tenants who, in addition to a standard tip, give a gift to the doorman at the holidays as well. This is acceptable and is not discouraged. This can actually be a great incentive for exceptional service in the upcoming year.

Knowing the average tip for your building is the key to ensuring you tip appropriately, though really there is no tip that is too high or too low. Any tip should be appreciated and seen as a gift of thanks for services provided. Holidays are a special time for all and being generous with your tip is always appreciated.

Tipping is a widely-regarded mechanism to show your appreciation for individuals who provide you with personal services, including doormen. Providing a tip to the doormen during the holiday season is a thoughtful gesture.

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