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Being transferred to a new location for a job opportunity is an exciting proposition. However, it isn’t permanent and the company wants their employee to arrange transportation and they will reimburse him or her. This is where car leasing can be a cost effective alternative. Depending on the season and the car type rent can run in to hundred’s of dollars a week.

The standard minimum car lease term is two years. Depending on the percentage rate at the time, this can prove to be much cheaper than buying. With the added benefit of getting a new car every two years.

On average it can be up to 200 dollars cheaper than renting a car for that long a time. Also, once leased the company can add the car to their fleet insurance, that will more than likely already be in place.

The terms of the lease will be printed in small black print on white or yellow paper and a copy will given to the driver for their records. If the terms of the lease are not met, the main one is excessive mileage.

Usually, if that occurs the dealership will allow a driver to pay them in monthly instalments until the balance is paid in full. Many businesses owners who have multiple employees on the road, take out fleet leases. For large, heavily underwritten firm this is always the best option. Mostly, due to the tax benefits.

If the car isn’t filled with fuel upon and detailed they will charge a refill fee and up keep fee. All of these little nuance’s can make a big difference to the pocketbook of a dealership that is why they hide them in lease. Be careful and read the lease in its entirety.

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